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Here is an archived album of our catechism series. Please enjoy this summary of Christian doctrine.

Our Catechism Series for 2008-2009 | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Apr 18, 2009

Thank you for staying subscribed to our podcast. The catechism series for 2008-2009 is finished, but another series on the catechism will be started on April 19, 2009. Please look for the feed in the iTunes music store. It should be in the store by Friday April 24. You could also subscribe through our webpage. […]

Lead Us Not into Temptation (Luke 11:4; LD 52) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Apr 12, 2009

We conclude our study of the Lord’s prayer with our request for the Lord not to lead us into temptation. Does this mean that it is God who tempts? What does this imply about our status as we are redeemed? What does this tell us about the preserving power of our God? If you have […]

Forgive Us Our Debts (Luke 11:4; LD 51) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Apr 5, 2009

What would you say if your bank called you one day and told you not to make another payment on your car or house? In addition to this how would you respond when your bank told you that you will keep your car or house because the debt is forgiven? What would you say if […]

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread (Luke 11:3; LD 50) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 22, 2009

When we think of the Lord’s prayer many times we think that this is a prayer that should be concerned with our Spiritual needs. Afterall, we know that God is displeased with sin so we should be concerned with putting off our sin. While this is true, we find that there is another dimension to […]

Your Will Be Done (Matthew 6:5-15; LD 49) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 15, 2009

What does it mean to do the will of God? What is more, why do the will of God? How do we deal with all the horror and the unrest that surrounds us? How do we deal with suffering in the Christian’s life? Does God like us to suffer? How do we know that God […]

Your Kingdom Come (Luke 11:2; LD 48) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 9, 2009

When Christ enters history the kingdom comes with Christ. However, when we are taught to pray in the Lord’s prayer we are told to pray Your kingdom come. If the kingdom is present with Christ then why do we pray, your kingdom come? Does this mean that the ministry of Christ has failed? How can […]

Hallowed Be Your Name (Luke 11:2; LD 47) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 1, 2009

Christ tells us to pray that God’s name would be hallowed. We may not know what this term means, but it simply means that God’s name would be holy or sanctified. If God is the standard of Holiness or sanctification then why would we pray that this would happen? Does this mean that we ourselves […]

Our Father in Heaven (Luke 11:2) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Feb 22, 2009

Why do we pray our Father? What right do we have to pray, “Our Father in Heaven?” What does this mean that we pray “Our Father?” What does this say about our status now in this world? How does this tie us back to the Old Testament saints being united in praying to the one […]

What Does Prayer Have to do with the Kingdom? (Luke 11:5-13; LD 45) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Feb 15, 2009

The disciples have a privilege of walking with Jesus while He is on this earth. This is something that is remarkable because these men do not only witness what Christ has done, but they also have a wonderful opportunity to be taught directly by Christ Himself. Christ teaches his disciples about the kingdom, and the […]

Judged by the Law of Liberty (James 2:8-13; LD 44) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Feb 8, 2009

f it is true that Christ’s merits have kept the law in our place, then why should we keep the law? If the threat of the curse of the law has been removed from us, then why would we be concerned with conforming to Christ? If Christ has taken away the curse of the law […]

Judge Not Lest you Be Judged (Matthew 7:1-7; LD 43) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Feb 2, 2009

Christians are called to be discerning. We are to judge or discern between right and wrong. We are called to live our lives unto the Lord as His vassal people. We are called to do this because of who we are in Christ. It is Chris who merited us, secured us, and redeemed us. So, […]

What Does the Golden Rule have to do with Stealing? (Matthew 7:12-14; LD 42) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jan 25, 2009

Stealing is something that the Christian should oppose. However, what is stealing? What does the golden rule have to do with stealing? Is the golden rule something that merely helps foster friendships and relationships? Why does Christ speak in terms of this rule? How is this rule distinctively Christian? Please join us in our message […]

What is Adultery? (Ephesians 5:15-33 ; LD 41) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jan 18, 2009

Moses states that the secret things belong to the Lord. However, the apostle Paul states that we are to know the will of the Lord. This is a strange exhortation for it sounds as if Paul is going against Moses. How can the apostle Paul call us to know the will of the Lord and […]

What does Love Have to do with Murder? (I Corinthians 13:4-7; LD 40) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jan 11, 2009

What is love? I am sure that there are many different answers that could and would be given to this question. However, what does the apostle Paul say about love? Is this something that is only for married people? How can this be an ethic for the church today? How is love used to exhort […]

Who are the Subjects? (Colossians 3:18-4:1; LD 39) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jan 4, 2009

We are a people secured by Christ and maintained in Christ for the day of Glory. If this is the case how are we supposed to live? How is the family supposed to interact? What do we make of authority structures in this fallen age? How do we take them in light of our being […]

The Sojourning Sabbath People (Hebrews 4:1-14; Lord’s Day 14) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Dec 21, 2008

As we sjourn through this age there are many times that we might ask, “where are we going?” There are times in our existence when we wonder about the many horrible things we see in this age. Where are we going? How do we know that we will arrive there? What is the foundation of […]

When Can We Take an Oath? (Matthew 5:33-37; LD 37) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Dec 14, 2008

We are those who bear witness to the name of the Lord as we are secured by the Lord. The Lord’s name is what defines Him. You cannot abstract the name from the Lord HImself. So, when can we use this name? Can we take an oath? What do we do with Christ stating that […]

Who May Call on the Name of the Lord (Matthew 7:21-23; LD 36) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Dec 7, 2008

Christ states in Matthew seven that the workers of iniquity are to go away for he does not know them. They call upon the name of the Lord, and they perform mighty acts in His name. Why should they go away? How are they profaning the name of the Lord? How do we honor the […]

From Unknown to Known (Acts 17:29-31; HC LD 35) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Nov 30, 2008

We know that as Christians we are called to worship the Lord our God faithfully and truly. However, what about those who are not Christians? What are they called to do? Why are they supposed to worship the living God? What proof has God given to non Christians for them to worship Him? Why should […]

Treasures in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-24; LD 34) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Nov 23, 2008

When we see the opening of Christ’s ministry we notice that it is Christ who gives the blessings of the kingdom, but also the exhortations in light of the kingdom. What is our motivation for being exclusive to the Lord? Why would we put off idolatry? What basis do we have to trust in the […]

Christian Liberty (Romans 14:1-23 LD 33) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Nov 16, 2008

One man eats the sacrificed meat and another man does not eat the meat. Who is wrong and who is right? They are both potentially correct. Does this mean that Christianity is a system of relativism? Does this mean that we are left for ourselves to determine what is right and what is wrong? How […]

Why and How Do We Conform to Christ? (LD 32; BC 24; Romans 6:1-14) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Nov 9, 2008

One of the great tenants of the reformation is grace alone. This means that we are those who are saved by grace without any merits of our own. If this is the case why would we seek to conform unto God? What is the benefit of living out of gratitude? Why seek to please the […]

The Foolish Wisdom (LD 31; 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Nov 2, 2008

The keys of the kingdom are given to the church. Does this mean that the church opens or closes the kingdom or is it the means that God uses to open and close the kingdom? If the preaching of the gospel is one of these keys why does the world see it as being foolish? […]

Is One Better than Many? (LD 30, Hebrews 7:22-23) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Oct 26, 2008

The drama of Israel’s worship most likely surpasses anything that we see today. Think about what it must have been like to watch the priest slaughter an animal as a sacrifice. It is in this sacrifice that the horror of sin, and the wonder of the atonement is so closely tied together. Think about what […]

This is My Body and Blood (LD 27; I Corinthians 10:16-17) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Oct 19, 2008

Christ states at the institution of the Lord’s supper, “This is my body and this is my blood.” What does this mean? Why does Christ use this language? Why does the apostle Paul use this language to confront the problems in the Corinthian church? If you are curious about these questions please stay tuned as […]

Why Not Passover? (Luke 22:14-23; LD 28) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Oct 5, 2008

We know that then Israel left Egypt there was a feast that they would celebrate every year called Passover. We notice that when Christ meets with the disciples prior to His going to the cross that He too celebrates Passover with the disciples. However, there is something that has changed. We no longer celebrate Passover, […]

Who Receives the Sign of Baptism? (Acts 2:39; cf Genesis 17:7; Joel 2:32) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Sep 21, 2008

Baptism is a sign that accompanies the gospel as the apostles go into the nations. This is a sign that designates people to the Trinitarian God. However, who is to receive this sign? Is there significance in the citation that Peter uses in Acts 2:39? What does this teach regarding who is in covenant with […]

What is the Significance of Baptism? (Luke 3:15-17; LD 26) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Sep 14, 2008

Christ tells the disciples to go forth, to preach, disciple, and the baptize the nations in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The word and the sacrament of baptism go forth. Why is this sacrament so significant? What does this sacrament communicate as it is administered within the church? Please […]

Why the Sacraments? (Matthew 28:16-20; Lord’s Day 25) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Sep 7, 2008

We know that Christ has been raised from the dead. However, after Christ is raised from the dead he meets with his disciples to commission them. Is Christ commissioning his disciples to finish the work that he started? Why does Christ tell them to teach, but also to baptize? What is the significance of this […]

Indebted to God (Philippeans 2:12; BC 24, LD 24) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Aug 31, 2008

So, we know that it is God who secured, and it is Christ who redeemed. Does this mean that Christ has done 99 percent of the work, and then we have to finish it? If this is not the case then why are there so many commands in scripture? How we account for the apostle […]

Secured Without Merit? (John 10:28, 29; Ephesians 2:8; Canons of Dordt Head 2 Article 8) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Aug 24, 2008

It is a blessing to possess everlasting life now. However, how do we receive this life? If the Lord merely offered salvation that would be gracious, but does the Lord merely offer salvation? How can the gospel be even more gracious than the Lord merely offering salvation? If God secures everything so that we endure, […]

How Can We Have Eternal Life Now? (Isa. 64:4; I Corinthians 2:9; LD 22) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Aug 17, 2008

Have you ever asked yourself, “what is eternal life?” Stop and ponder that statement. We look around us and we see the seasons come and go. There are plants that live and then they are dead. We know people who walked among, but now they have died. What is eternal life? Is it possible to […]

How Can We Be United in a Name? (1 Corinthians 1:10-17; LD 21) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jul 20, 2008

After Joshua is defeated at the first battle at Ai he asked the Lord, “What will you do for your name?” Since then an Israelite has been executed, and now Israel is called to fight Ai one more time. Will this war be any different? Will Israel gain victory once again? If you are curious […]

What is Different Then and Now? (Joel 2:28-32, Acts 2:14-28; LD 20) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jul 13, 2008

So it is a blessing to have the Spirit as we are set apart as the living people of God. However, how do we know that having this Spirit is a blessing? Why is it an honor to have the Holy Spirit now? How does it testify to a change in covenant history? How do […]

How Can the Last Judgement Be Encouraging? (Romans 8:18-30, LD 19) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jul 7, 2008

There is no doubt that we serve a greater priest in this age. He is Christ Jesus who is resurrected in glory. This is the Lord who makes intercession on our behalf. We have no problem claiming this, but how do we know that his entrance into glory secures our entrance into glory? How do […]

Intercession in the Greater Sancatuary (Hebrews 9:23-28; LD 18; BC 26) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jun 22, 2008

How many times have we wondered why Israel got the blessing of seeing such a vivid religion? How vivid it is to see the priest offer a sacrifice. How come our position is not the same? How can we say that our priest is better than Israel’s? How do we know that our priest is […]

Does Christ's Resurrection Benefit Us Now? (Romans 8:1-11, LD 17) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jun 15, 2008

The work of Christ takes away our offense before the Father. In fact, Christ being the first fruits guarantees our resurrection. So, our death is merely the means whereby we pass into the next life. So, does the resurrection of Christ have any benefit for us today? Is this something that only guarantees the end […]

Why Do We Die if Christ’s Work is Complete? (1 Corinthians 15:12-28) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jun 8, 2008

There is no doubt that the work of Christ takes away our offense before the Father. As we know this to be the case then we can ask, “why do we have to die?” After all, if Christ has taken away the offense does this mean that our death finishes what his work did not? […]

To What Extent Did Christ Suffer? (Luke 12:49-53; LD 15) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Jun 1, 2008

Christ states that He is distressed about His baptism. How can Christ be distressed about His baptism? What does this baptism have to do with fire? Why does Christ want to kindle the fire on the earth, but rebukes the disciples for wanting to call down fire upon the Samartians in Luke 9? What does […]

Why Are There Two Natures? (John 10:22-30, Belgic Confession Article 19) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

May 25, 2008

The prophet Ezekiel promises that God will come as the good shepherd to gather His people into one flock. There is little doubt that Christ in John 10 is taking this prophecy upon himself as God coming to secure His people. However, what does this text tell us about Christ’s incarnation? What does it teach […]

What Does it Mean to Make Your Calling and Election Sure? (2 Peter 1:3-11, Canons of Dordt Head 5 Article 2, LD 12) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

May 11, 2008

Peter tells us to make our calling and election sure. If are secured in Christ, how can we make it sure? Does this mean that Christ did not finish what he was commanded to do? How can we have assurance of being in Christ if this calling and election is not sure? If you are […]

Unlimited Atonement? (Hebrews 7:11-28; COD Head 2 Art. 3; LD 11) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

May 5, 2008

What does it mean that the atonement of Christ is limited? How can it be limited if Christ makes an eternal sacrifice? If this sacrifice makes an infinite payment how can there be a limit on it? Or does this mean that Christ’s sacrifice is only good for a certain amount of time? Or are […]

Creator, Sustainer, and Re-Creator (Acts 17:22-33, LD 10) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Apr 28, 2008

Some say that God loves all people. To an extent this is true as we see by the Lord continuing to uphold this creation. However, can we speak of a special concern that God has His people? How does the resurrection of Christ figure into this concern? How is the doctrine of providence put forth […]

The Creator and Re-Creator (Acts 17:22-33; BC Article 12 LD 9) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Apr 13, 2008

There is little debate among Christians that God is the judge over heaven and earth. However, what is the proof that He stands as the Judge? What has made Him worthy to be the Judge over heaven and earth? On what basis does He have the right to call men to account? If you are […]

How Can Christ Inherit a Greater Name? (Hebrews 1:1-4, Belgic Confession Article 8) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Apr 6, 2008

I am sure that many of us have wondered what it must have been like to worship in the temple. I am also confident that many of us have wondered what it must have been like for the prophets to come and bring the word of the Lord to us from heaven. The author of […]

Who is in the Kingdom? (John 3:22-38, LD 7) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 30, 2008

If all men have been legally condemned in Adam does this mean that all men are legally vindicated in Christ? If all men are not legally vindicated in Christ then how is Christ really the second Adam? If not all men are legally vindicated in Christ then how do I know if I am vindicated […]

The Unfolding Mystery (Genesis 3:15, Colossians 1:24-29, Belgic Confession Article 5) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 24, 2008

The Good News of redemption was published in the garden of Eden after the fall. However, if the gospel was presented already in Genesis 3:15 then why are there 66 books of the bible? Why does the Old Testament continue to unravel through history until the coming of Christ? Why are the apostles sent forth? […]

Why a God-Man? (John 17:1-5, LD 5) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 16, 2008

The Israelites sacrificed animals as a means of cleansing. There are different sacrifices prescribed for different offenses. If this is the case then why does the sacrifice that appeases the wrath of God have to be the God-Man? Further, why does Christ have to live a life on this earth? How come he was not […]

Whoever Believes in Him Shall Not Be Ashamed (Canons of Dordt Head 1, Article 4; LD 4) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 9, 2008

We know that Adam plunged the race into sin, and we know that we are guilty. We also know that Christ has taken away this verdict. So, how do we know if Christ our Christ? How can we be assured that Christ’s work will see us to the end? How do we really know that […]

Sinners by Choice? (Genesis 2:17, Romans 5:12-21, LD 3) | 2008-2009 Catechism Sermons

Mar 4, 2008

Are we really so bad that we hate God and our neighbor? If this is the case then when did we choose to get this way? What is the significance of Adam’s one sin being our sin? Are we sinners because we were with Adam? Are we sinners because we chose to be sinners? Or […]