Sermon Archives: Why I’m Not An Atheist

Here are the lectures presented at our conference on April 3, 2009. We thank you for downloading these lectures and we hope that they help to lay out why Christians believe in the gospel.

Why I'm not an Atheist: Chaos to Cohesion

Apr 4, 2009

The butterfly effect or chaos theory holds that an arbitrary event of a butterfly flapping its wings can trigger a hurricane in the opposite hemisphere. Does this show that God has left this creation? Does this prove that this creation is without order? Or does this serve to establish that there is a God? What […]

Why I'm not an Atheist: Consensus or Creator?

Apr 4, 2009

What does it mean to supress the truth in unrighteousness? Can man stand in judgement wondering if God has given enough proof of His exisence? If you have asked these questions please stay tuned as we hear Rev. Gary Findley deliver his message titled “Consensus or Creator?” 0