Sermon Archives: The Servant of the Lord Sermons

Who is the servant of the Lord? So often we look at the passages of glory, but neglect the passages of suffering. These are the prophecies that declare the coming of the Messiah. Please enjoy this archived series.

The Servant of the Lord: "Man of Sorrows" (Isaiah 52:13-53:12)

Sep 15, 2007

We finish our series of the Servant Songs in Isaiah. There is the unfolding of these songs in the covenant historical record. These songs declare the coming of the suffering warrior who heals us not only from our sins, but brings us to the eternal land of rest. This Concealed Warrior is nothing less than […]

The Servant of the Lord: "From Judged to Judge" (Isaiah 50:4-11)

Sep 15, 2007

We conclude this year with the third servant song of the Lord. Here there is a disclosure for us to actually trust the servant. This is a veiled way to reveal to us that this servant is beyond merely a prophet, but this is the coming of God. The Courts of man will try this […]

The Servant of the Lord: "Israel the Shepherd Gatherer" (Isaiah 49:1-7)

Sep 15, 2007

Isaiah’s Servant of the Lord continues to develop. We find that this servant is a mighty warrior, but despite being this mighty warrior His weapons are concealed. This is a warrior that the kings will dominate only to see this king rise as the New Triumphant Israel as a Shepherd Gatherer. How confident is the […]

The Servant of the Lord: "A Bruised Reed He will not Break"(Isaiah 42:1-9)

Sep 15, 2007

Who is this servant of the Lord? Why is He different from the kings and liberators of this age? Isaiah 42 begins with raising the issue of a greater liberator that will come. This servant will set such a precedent that the justice of God will be established to the coastlands forever without breaking a […]