Sermon Archives: Catechism Sermons 2010-2011

These are the current catechism sermons. The catechism determines the particular topic for the sermon.

Reformation Joy (Psalm 51; LD 2) | 2010-2011 Catechism Sermons

Oct 31, 2010

When we think of Reformation we think of Psalm 46 which is the basis for “A Mighty Fortress.” This is a great hymn that many Christians sing with joy bellowing out the praises of our God. This is a good Reformation Psalm, but what about Psalm 51? One of the key things of the Reformation […]

What is Your Only Comfort? (LD 1; Luke 14:25-35) | 2010-2011 Catechism Sermons

Oct 24, 2010

We might say that a common sense way to influence people is by winning to your side the prestigious leaders and minds of the time. You see if influential people buy your idea then the idea then it has a great chance of becoming the norm. It is interesting that this is not at all […]