A Sanctifying Sign (LD 26) Romans 6:1-4 | 2010-2011 Catechism Sermons

When we think about the sacrament of baptism we probably think about the debates. For instance we think about why children should be baptized or not be baptized. We might think about how Rome says that baptism is the infusion of the Spirit starting toward justification. However, do we think of baptism in the terms of Paul seeing it as a sign of the ordeal that is ours in Christ? Meaning that Christ has undergone the baptism of the cross and the grave so that we can have all the distinct blessings of our redemption? Why does Paul speak of circumcision as the sign of righteousness and then encourage us to live in the baptism of Christ? What are the positive implications of Baptism? If you are curious about these questions please stay tuned to our sermon titled, “A Sanctifying Sign.”