Why Do we Only Have the Helper? (LD 8; John 15:26) | 2010-2011 Catechism Sermons

Thank you for downloading our sermon preached on Sunday December 19, 2010. We know that when Christ entered history by taking on the flesh that he was not going to stay on this world and establish a worldly kingdom. Afterall, Christ says to Pilate that his kingdom is not of this world. Christ rebukes Peter for taking out his sword because Christ’s kingdom does not come by the sword. So, if these things are true then what is our hope now? If Christ is in heaven why do we merely have the helper or the Holy Spirit? How is it assuring that we have the Helper? How can we be sure that when we have the helper, that we have Christ? Please stay tuned to our sermon titled, “Why Do we Only Have the Helper?”