Sermon Archives: Catechism Sermons 2012

These are the sermons preached from scripture using the the topics of the Heidelberg catechism.

God is Righteously Loving (Genesis 3; Romans 5:12-21; LD 4) | 2012 Catechism Sermons

Jan 22, 2012

Many times people look at Christianity and see it as a judgmental religion that takes away our fun. I am sure that we have all experienced Christian pharisees, but is God really a God who is mean? Is God one who is only love? Is God more loving than just? Is God angry? Is God […]

It Was that Woman YOU Gave Me (LD 3; Genesis 3) | 2012 Catechism Sermons

Jan 15, 2012

Genesis 3 records for us one of the most tragic days in the world’s history. It is the day when man decides what is good for himself. You would think that this is a day of freedom, but man finds out rather quickly that it is not an independence day at all. How does the […]

Sinners in the Hands of a Patient God (LD 2; Genesis 6:1-8) | 2012 Catechism Sermons

Jan 8, 2012

When most people think of God or Christianity they think that God is just a mean God. He is a God who is angry, vindictive, and eager to kill people in His judgment. Is this really a fair presentation of God and his working? Does God want to strike people down because he like striking […]